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There are many, many stories about Miki, and some of them are actually true. So we’ll endeavor to feature as many as possible. If you have a story you’d like to share with the 10th Life please contact Bob Feigel: bob@10thLifeOfDaCat.info. You will be credited for your story (unless you want it to be anonymous or use a pen name) and you will retain the story’s copyright (unless you want to grant it to the 10th Life). The 10th Life also has the support of many of Miki’s friends as well as his main biographers. So we’ll be asking them to help us authenticate some of the stories before they’re published. To kick it off, here are some stories we hope you enjoy: SALTWATER DAMAGE THE PHANTOM  IT HAPPENED AT ZUCKY’S RECLUSE ON A CROWDED DAY JAMIE BUDGE ON MIKI DORA DIARY OF A BOMBER KANTOR’S KORNER (coming soon)

Memories of da CAT