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In yet another of the many ironies in Miki’s life there is a rich assortment of photos despite his dislike of having candid photo taken. There are photos taken by professionals, by friends and by strangers. And we’ll be showing a number of photos not seen before on the web, in books or magazines. Fortunately, we have access to large number of these photos and will be adding them as the website develops. In addition to the photographers who found Miki a worthwhile subject, several artists have as well and we’ll be featuring their work too. Like his history, we’ll be organizing the images in sections that reflect the major periods of Miki’s life: The Early Years. The Malibu Years. The Media Years, The Scamming Years, The Traveling Years. The Outlander Years. The Golden Years and The Final Years. These titles my change as the website develops. So please revisit MikiDora.Com for the latest updates. And please let us know if you know who took some of the photos we haven’t been able to credit. Thank you.

The Early Years


The Malibu Years

The Media Years

The Traveling Years

The Outlander Years

The Golden Years

The Final Years

The Scamming Years

Photographer: Unknown
Photographer: Unknown
Photographer: Unknown
Daryl Stolper talks to JFK press secretary Pierre Salinger. Photo: Peter Gowland (info: David Rensin)
Photographer: Bob Simpson
Photographer: Unknown
Mickey, spying on legends in the hotel bar at Greg Noll’s first Legends event in Costa Rica.  Photographer: Gerry Kantor.
Kenya, 1976 - taken by Linda Cuy.