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As the website grows this section will feature a history of Miki Dora’s life and times: The Early Years. The Malibu Years. The Scamming Years, The Traveling Years. The Outlander Years. The Golden Years and the Final Years. It will also include scanned copies of letters, faxes and emails to and from Miki’s friends and peers that provide insights into important periods of his life. When Miki suddenly abandoned New Zealand in 1978 he left behind a treasure trove of personal belongings. Thanks to the efforts of the man we’ll call ‘the Phantom’ many of Miki’s most precious items were returned to him years later and that story will be told here. However, other items somehow came into the hands of others before they were offered at auction in Gisborne, NZ. Due to a serendipitous phone call we came into possession of a set of photographs taken of two of Miki’s albums from the missing booty. These albums contained favorite photos, magazine articles and wine labels and will also be featured. We will also be scanning and sharing articles written about Miki in surfing magazines, newspapers and lifestyle magazines during his lifetime and after his death. We will keep adding new material and new pages as we can. Please check our GoFundMe page and Facebook page for update notifications. In the meantime we recommend reading two beautifully written, meticulously researched and authoritative biographies for our English speaking friends, and a relatively new book written in French about Miki’s later years when he lived in France.

DORA LIVES - The authorized story of Miki Dora (T. Adler Books -

Santa Barbara). Written by C.R. Stecyk III and Drew Kampion.

Available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


The audacious life and legend of rebel

surfer Miki Dora (Harper Publishing).

Written by David Rensin. Available from

Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

MIKI DORA : De Malibu à la Côte basque

(Atlantica) Written (in French) by Alain Gardinier.

Available from Amazon.





The latest book about Miki Dora - The Surf Sting. Written by Miki’s long-time friend, companion and confidant,Linda Cuy, this is the book surfing buffs and historians have been waiting for. Stories you’ve never heard before. Photos you’ve never seen before. It’s all here and told by someone who was not only there, but part of story. I can’t recommend this book highly enough. And Linda has generously offered to donate 10% of the book’s sales to 10th Life of da Cat. So it’s a WIN-WIN! You can buy this book today for just $20 and start reading it on your computer in minutes, just by clicking on the photo or this LINK