Miki Dora

January 3rd, 2012 marked the tenth anniversary
of the death of surfing legend, Miki Dora.

Before he died, Miki's friend, Steven Taussig, told Miki that he was thinking of acquiring the MikiDora.com web address so it couldn't be exploited by someone Miki didn't know or approve of. Miki thought about it for a moment and asked Steven to make the arrangements ASAP.

Having kept this iconic web address for the past twelve years, Steven feels it's now time to enable MikiDora.com to develop into a permanent online record of his friend's adventure filled life, including stories, photos, artwork, documents, rare memorabilia, tributes and comments from those who knew Miki.

To help achieve this, Steven has asked longtime surfing journalist, Bob Feigel, to act as creative director of the project.

Steven and Bob plan to share an important announcement about the future of MikiDora.com in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we invite you to visit Bob's tribute to Miki on Surfwriter.net: In Celebration of An Artist and His Art.


PROJECT UPDATE: February 12, 2012

Over the past few weeks we have received a great deal of feedback about this project from all over the world and nearly all of it been very, very positive.

So we thought it was a good time to let you know what progress we've been able to make so far.

Steve has just registered the "10th Life of Da Cat" as a non-profit corporation in the State of Hawaii. The 10th Life of Da Cat will manage the funds raised for the project and ensure the projects' long-term viability

The board of directors will be made up of Steve Taussig, Bob Feigel and three well known and respected individuals who will contribute valuable expertise and management skills.

To further demonstrate the widespread support of the project we're pleased to announce that a donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has already pledged $1,500 for the project. And for that we are very grateful.

We are committed to preserving MikiDora.Com as a non-commercial website dedicated to the memory of Miki Dora, his life, times, artistry and unique contribution to surfing's rich history, To accomplish this we will need your help.

We will continue to keep you up to date and will let you know when our official fund raising campaign is being launched.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

10th Life of Da Cat


PROJECT UPDATE: February 18, 2012

Steve and I are pleased to announce that Miki's close friend and four time world surfing champion, Nat Young, has accepted our invitation to be on the board of directors of 10th Life of Da Cat. He's behind the project 100% and has offered to let us use his personal memorabilia of Miki for the website. Mahalo Nat.

More about Nat: http://www.natyoung.com


PROJECT UPDATE: February 23 2012

We are happy to announce that Bob Simpson, surfer, long time friend and legal adviser to Miki is on the board of directors of the 10th Life of Da Cat. Mahalo Bob, and welcome.


PROJECT UPDATE: February 27 2012

Steve and I are happy to announce that Nat Young, Steve Pezman, Robert "Wingnut" Weaver, and Cheron Kraak (South Africa) have agreed to be on the video to promote 10th Life of Da Cat - MikiDora.Com Kickstarter fund raiser. We hope to be able to announce further names in the near future. Mahalo

We are also relieved to be able to tell you that the MikiDora.Com Facebook page has been restored, thanks to a very generous individual who works at Facebook. Mahalo in spades ...


PROJECT UPDATE: February 28 2012

PLEASE NOTE: To  the one or two people who've expressed doubts about the motivation behind this project, we invite you to take a look at www.MickeyDora.Com.

Of course, that webiste has nothing whatsoever to do with The 10th Life of Da Cat project or MikiDora.Com. In fact, it is the very opposite of what we want to achieve and we are disgusted with what we consider to be - in our opinions - crass commercialism, crude exploitation and a total lack of respect.


PROJECT UPDATE: April 20 2012

The bad news is that both Steve and I have been down and out for a few weeks and haven't been able to focus as much energy on the project as usual.

The GOOD NEWS is that we're both back on board and just received confirmation that Miki's longtime friend and supporter, Harry Hodge has accepted our invitation to join the board of 10th Life of Da Cat.

As some of you will already know, Miki chose Harry to be the executor of his estate because he trusted Harry's integrity, judgement and expertise implicitly. And as Harry has said in his email, "I agree that it’s far better that people who knew and cared about Miki are the people involved in something like this."

Now that the board is complete, the project is ready to go on to the next stage. It also means we're getting closer to launching the Kickstarter fundraiser.

So thank you all for your continued support and WATCH THIS SPACE.

10th Life of Da Cat (non-profit corporation). Board of Directors: Harry Hodge, Bob Simpson, Nat Young, Steve Taussig and Bob Feigel.


Our Facebook page is back!


PROJECT UPDATE: 11 January 2014

Apologies for the delay in updating, but a lot has been going on behind the scenes and it's time to catch up.

Firstly, Harry Hodge reluctantly resigned from the board due to increased business commitments. However, he wanted to make it clear that he still supports the project 100%.

Distinguished journalist, author, former Surfer Magazine editor and Miki's friend, Drew Kampion has been appointed to the board to take Harry's place and we're enjoying both his support and knowledge.

The board now consists of Steve Taussig, Nat Young, Bob Simpson, Drew Kampion and Bob Feigel.

The 12th anniversary of Miki's death has just passed and we are very close to launching the Kickstarter fundraising campaign.

Many thanks for your continuing support.


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